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Baby Prams and Strollers Explained

If you are a new parent and have just ventured into buying, or attempting to buy your first pram or stroller for your baby, you may be somewhat dismayed at the selection that is available and the terminology that the "pram and stroller connoisseurs" use.
The greatest confusion seems to lie in the use of the word "pram" and the word "stroller". In some stores, the distinction is clear, but in the majority of baby outlets, their product offerings seem to cross over. In the true sense of the word, the "pram" was popularized in England during the reign of Queen Victoria and resembled a non-folding, carriage on wheels. Still today the word "pram" is more frequently used in England to refer to this type of baby product, whereas here, we more commonly refer to these as "carriages". The stroller, on the other hand, encompasses a whole myriad of folding baby vehicles, from Travel Strollers to Sit n Stand strollers. Quite often, however, stores use the terms "baby prams" and "baby strollers" interchangeably, preferring to refer to the traditional "pram" as a "baby carriage" or indeed a "pram carriage".
There are a number of types of baby buy online prams and strollers on the market today, all it would seem, to cater to a distinct parental niche requirement. The four main types of baby prams and strollers that are purchased in the US today are:
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Jogging Strollers - which are intended for recreational use away from the normally flat and even ground surfaces associated with roads, malls, and urban areas. Their construction makes them particularly suitable for more adventurous conditions. Jogging Strollers generally have the better suspension to deal with bumps, usually air filled tires to soften the undulating ride, a deeper seat to keep your baby in, a five-point harness system to minimize baby movement and roll.
Double Strollers - which are mainly intended for two babies to sit next to each other. Although some mothers with one baby may purchase a Double Stroller to use the spare seat for shopping bags and extra carrying storage.
Umbrella Strollers - these tend to be the most compact and cheapest of the pram and stroller ranges. Umbrella Strollers are usually intended for toddlers, with a basic seating material built on a metal frame and wheels intended for everyday city use. They tend to be rather lightweight and fold away compactly. Umbrella Strollers derive their name from the fact that their upwardly curving handles resemble those of an umbrella. They tend to be ideal as a backup stroller or when you just don't need a bulkier baby pram or stroller, particularly if traveling.
Prams - which are traditional English non-folding baby carrier on wheels. But as explained above, nowadays these are often referred to as Baby Carriages. These have become increasingly popular in recent times. Their popularity died out in the past due to the non-compact nature of them and the fact that they stand higher and are not as practical or sturdy as their modern-day stroller equivalents.
For a breakdown on the full range of baby prams and strollers, a list of key considerations when shopping for one, together with a great video insight by a group of mothers on what to look out for when choosing one, see the Baby Prams Strollers.
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